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Hi, welcome to my first bi-monthly newsletter for 2015. My newsletters provide you the latest news in the electronic music scene, recommendations where to go,  satirical news articles, new Dr.E mixtapes, live recordings, track selections and events. I have been a bit late on this newsletter due to my own event, Firestarter, which took place Jan 1st. You can read all about it below. Should you not want to miss out on any of these newsletters: simply click “follow me via email” and you will receive notifications of any of my posts in your email.

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HYTE is a global event brand that hosts international DJ headliners, upcoming talent and various music labels and brands. HYTE has been organizing events in New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Chili and is aiming to obtain strong foothold in Amsterdam with organizing no more than 8 (!) parties over four weekends coming February and March. HYTE’s list of performing artists includes the usual top jocks including Loco Dice, Ricardo Villalobos, Ben Sims, Derrick May and Marcel Dettman, just to name a few, but doesn’t restrain itself from showcasing upcoming talents. All events are held in a former warehouse in Amsterdam Westpoort, the main harbour and industrial area of the city. Back in the days, this warehouse was already a prime location for underground raves. Upon its re-discovery three years ago it has been renovated and we for sure can expect many more parties here. It wouldn’t surprise me as this location would be among the first to obtain a 24hr license now that Trouw has closed its doors (read more about the Trouw closing below)

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Feb, 28th I will play at the Cue Bar along with T-Gray and Robin Haafkens. Entrance is free. CUEbar is the Winner of the Golden Gnome award 2011 for “Best Pick Up” Bar (dj Cafe). 🙂 National and international dj’s play sexy tech house in an underground cocktail bar with a good soundsystem and a dance floor. Huiskamer is a monthly deephouse/techhouse event organized by DJ/Promoter T-Gray, who also has his own radio show. So drop by if you are into some good music and good people! For those of you that will visit Bungalup Feb 6th-8th: I will also play there. Details will follow.
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Meubelstukken was the first to launch a hugely successfull dance concept in the Netherlands: a weekend festival in a holiday bungalow park. It didn’t take long for the Loveland organization to follow with the second Loveland weekender taking place end of March. Expect to experience wild tropical swimming pool parties and plenty of other crazy entertainment. Loveland Weekender clearly differentiates itself from Meubelstukken’s Bungalup with an impressive line-up, promoting a more techno and techhouse sound. Artists include Laurent Garnier, Karotte, Speedy J, Dimitri and one of the rising Dutch stars: De Sluwe Vos.

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12inchCity has pulled it off again: the former royal palace Soestdijk will be taken over by the proletarians late spring. The line-up for this day festival is not known yet, but it for sure is an unique opportunity to experience electronic music in a royal setting. Apart from this party, make sure to check-out another party organized by 12inchCity, called “This will be MINE” in yet another surreal setting: the former mines in Limburg.

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Firestarter – Titty Fister: Once again the circus lived up to its expectations


Club Lite once again hosted the annual Firestarter party at Jan 1st. This year’s theme: Firestarter – Titty Fister: From dust till dawn, was inspired by Quinten Tarantino’s classic From Dusk Till Dawn. It was extravagant and nauty as usual with dancers and visitors appearing in neon, burlesque and/or latex costumes. Great performances by the legendary veterans DJ ISIS and Eric de Man were the remaining ingredients which set the crowd on fire. Open-mindedness and love for people and party were key elements: fat, thin, gay, straight, iraqi. All were there celebrating the New Year and life in general.

Check out the pictures on Vice- Thump

Trouw has it closed its doors


Jan 3rd was an international day of grief for many clubbers: one of the world’s notorious clubs, Trouw, has closed its doors. As I am writing this, the building is being demolished. Trouw closed in style with a dance marathon: untill the music stops.., and it did stop, after 39 hours..

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Soundcloud will launch subscription service for listereners: will this be the end of Soundcloud?


Online audio distribution platform Soundcloud has been struggling with its business model for a long time. Content producers like DJs have been greatly frustrated by Soundcloud taking off DJ mixes for copyright infringements. Unlike rival Mixcloud, Soundcloud doesn’t pay royalties for tracks that DJs put up in the cloud. For DJs, it would be cumbersome, if not impossible, to request for extended licenses for each individual track they purchase. As a result, many DJs have moved to Mixcloud, which in the meantime, has made its interface much more user-friendly. Despite the bail-out of some DJs, many listereners have been loyal to Soundcloud so far. This may change soon as Soundcloud has laid out its new business model which will mean that listereners will be charged for listening to music. It will be interesting to see whether this will lead to an exodus of listerners the coming year.

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My greatest finds of December

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