2015 Newsletter 2

Hi, welcome to my second bi-monthly newsletter for 2015. My newsletters provide you the latest news in the electronic music scene, recommendations where to go,  satirical news articles, new Dr.E mixtapes, live recordings, track selections and events. Should you not want to miss out on any of these newsletters: simply click “follow me via email” and you will receive notifications of any of my posts in your email.

I hope you will enjoy reading it!

Dr. E




Club VLLA is a former funeral centre, which has been renovated into a bar, club and also holds working spaces for artists and other creative entrepreneurs. This sinister location will be rejuvinated March 28th: the whole club will be filled with plastic balls! So for those who have always wanted to rave in a funeral center and at the same time have a bit of the Ikea experience: this is your party!

Read more here



The Tolhuistuin is located in a small park next to the Ij river in the North part of Amsterdam. The park has a small lounge garden, galleries, a bar and a small intimate venue. Carry on regardless is a new night in the Tolhuistuin,which will have their official launch party April 3th. They have put up an impressive line-up of progressive house veterans. Darren Emerson (ex-Underworld), Dave Seaman, Per, Remy and JP are just a few names of the list.

Read more here

APR 26 – Hernan Cattaneo at the Beach (WOODSTOCK, BLOEMENDAAL AAN ZEE)


Hernan Cattaneo is a progressive house DJ and producer from Argentina. He is one of the biggest DJs to come out of South America. He holds residencies at Cream, Pacha and Fabric, just to name a few. April 26th you can enjoy a 6 hour set (!) of Hernan Cattaneo at Woodstock, one of the oldest beachclubs in the Netherlands. Woodstock almost always has a good vibe and a sunset on the beach with Hernan’s music are without doubt going to make it a magical night.

Read more info here 


Booty music



Producer of slick professional DJ headphone maker, AIAIAI, has come up with a nice PR stunt. AIAIAI launched a project, the Real Booty Music Project, in which movements of a dancer, or her booty to be more specific, were tracked and converted into actual music.

Watch the video here

Club Culture in the spotlight


Australian’s In The Mix magazine selected 10 movies highlighting the club culture with some dating back from the 70ties. Some are quite cool, some are pretty funny, some are quite akward really.

Go judge them here

Beatport to take on Spotify


Beatport is a well-respected by DJs for being the largest repository of high-quality MP3s in the world. Problem is they aren’t making enough money. Beatport has launched a streaming service ,similar to that of Spotify,which should bring in the cash. The interface is slick and quite user-friendly, making it a serious competitor for Spotify, albeit it that it still feels a bit focussed on DJs. The vastness of Beatport’s catalogue offfers a clear advantage: there will be plenty tracks out there you won’t find on Spotify, including obscure tracks and remixes. Subscription is for free.

Go check it out here



Top 10_edited-1

My greatest finds of January/February

Have a listen here

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