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We’re right in the heat of the festival season. Every weekend there seems to be a virtually unlimited choice of festivals to go to. I hope I can be of help here to recommend you the nicest ones. I had the pleasure of visiting Awakenings festival a few weeks ago, obviously not particularly underground. I must say, the crowd has really changed in a positive way with a good mix of international and local techno music lovers. Musically and organisationally speaking, it was top notch, as it has always been with Awakenings. The clear blue skies and simply being among my good friends made it a perfect day.

JULY 18 – Milkshake


For the third time, Club Air and Paradiso are organizing Milkshake festival. The festival targets open-minded people which could be straights, gays, bisexuals and anything that cannot be categorized properly. I have been visiting for the last few years and the vibe has always been great. This year we will for sure again see some edgy performances by contemporary artists.

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AUG 28 – Jeff Mills @ Concert building


Jeff Mills, aka the Wizard, one of the founders of detroit techno and one the most skilled DJs in the world will play at the Concert Building in Amsterdam. Jeff Mills will play together with the concert building orchestra to create a techno-symphony.

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AUG 30 – Valrave Festival


A newby in the scene. Valrave is organizing an intimate festival in het Diemerbos. It is very friendly priced and despite the low cover Valrave managed to book international headliners John Digweed and Nick Fanciulli.

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License to party


Amsterdam is on its way back to become one of the premier locations in night life. Since the installment of the new major, who also happens to have a son who DJs, the scene has been given a boost with some clubs located at Rembrandtplein and Leidsepleinbeing permitted to stay open untill 08.00. On top of that three clubs, located in the outskirts of the city, have been assigned a 24 hrs license. Cruquius gilde, Radion & Tolhuistuin are the lucky ones. There is more to come. The former Shell tower, right next to the Ij river, which is currently being renovated by musical events agency ID&T will also receive a 24 hrs license. The new club will be located at the top floor and you could easily picture how epic the experience will be to see the sun rise across the Ij river. Finally, the founders of Trouw, which closed beginning of this year, requested a permit to start a new club in a former high school in the west part of Amsterdam.

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Never ever date a DJ


It doesn’t seem to be really smart of me to put this out here, but I didn’t want to hold it back for you. 😉 Being the girlfriend of a DJ has it less romantic sides..

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Techno museum


Other than Sven Vath’s Cocoon club, Frankfurt will have something else to offer. The Museum of Modern Electronic Museum, MOMEM, is scheduled to open in 2017. The museum will include (interactive) exhibitions,  DJ workshops and regular live events.

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For those that have missed it. I have uploaded a new Mixtape, called Sirocco.

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My greatest finds of June and July

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