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Spring has finally arrived, which means festival season has started. In fact, I went to DGTL festival at the NDSM wharf terrain in the first weekend of April. Out in the shades it was quite chilly to say the least. Good thing was that the music made up for it quite a bit and the people literally provided some warmth.

May 23 – Park am See


Park am See will organize the second edition of Park am See Festival, which will be held at Landschapspark de Oeverlanden bordering the Nieuwe Meer in the west part of Amsterdam. The municipality of Amsterdam intended to convert this small nature reserve into a residential area back in the eighties, but was succesfully blocked from doing so by a pressure group. Presently, it is a notorious gay cruising area. Park am See Festival will host a number of artists from the German Kompakt and Watergate labels as well as Amsterdam-based event productions agency Chasing the Hihat Records. I would be sure to watch Terranova, Patrice Baumel and Tsepo but I am biased as I have a number of records from these guys.

Read more info here

JUL 25 – Welcome to the Future


Welcome to the future festival once agains sets stage in the beautifull area of ‘t Twiske with its rolling green hills. The circus appearance gives the festival a warm feeling.  A wide variety of healthy food and juices are catered all day. All stages are equipped with top notch sound systems from Funktion One. Trust me on this one: you will hear and feel the difference. The seven stages will host an impressive line-up of Dutch  DJs and international headliners. Be sure to watch the Martinez Brothers, de Sluwe Vos, Karotte, TiNi and Andhim.

Read more info here

AUG 30 – Bouncing Castles


Re-live your childhood at the Bouncing Castle Festival. You can go mental on the water slides and related obstables covered in foam, while enjoying a drink or two. The line-up hasn’t been announced yet.

More info here


Confusion at Exit festival


Premier Serbian electronic music festival, Exit, have this week apologised for any confusion caused by the large sign above their main entrance.Reports from last year’s festival claimed that some attendees had difficulty understanding that just because there was a massive sign saying Exit above the entrance to the festival it did not mean that the sign was in fact an exit. Wundeground reports.

Read the article here

The parties that changed dance music forever


MixMag put down a list of 25 memorial parties that changed the scene forever. Get your quintessential eductation in dance music history.

Read the article here

Talk of the town: Gesaffelstein’s live performance at Coachella


The French DJ/Producer Gesaffelstein is definitely one to watch. Watch him tear apart a packed stage at the Coachella festival with a bit of  Parissian slickness. Gesaffelstein truly masters the art of being a music composer, DJ and performer at the same time.

See the video here




For those that have missed it. I have uploaded a cut taken from my DJ set at Huiskamer, the bi-monthly deep- and techhouse event at the Cue Bar in Amsterdam. Now that I have finally received my mixer back from repair I will be starting to compile a new mixtape.

Listen to mix on Soundcloud

Listen to mix on Mixcloud


Top 10_edited-1

My greatest finds of March/April

 Listen to it on Beatport

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